ACMPE Certification

American College of Medical Practice Executives

ACMPE is the standard-setting and certification body of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), promotes the professional growth of leaders. By developing the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management, ACMPE provides a central framework for MGMA resources.


ACMPE was established in 1956 as an affiliate of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) to provide board certification, self-assessment and leadership development for medical practice executives.

Principles for the Medical Practice Executive

ACMPE defines the role of medical practice executives to include dedication to the improvement of health care delivery through the group practice of medicine, service to the interests of society and their own institutions and fostering the respect that society accords those who participate in the health care delivery system. To these ends, the medical practice executive shall: 

  • Recognize the prerogatives of the patient, the physician and society.

  • Establish an organizational environment conducive to the rendering of high-quality medical care.

  • Understand and respond to the health care needs of the community.

  • Understand the social, political and economic factors affecting the medical group.

  • Protect the privacy of the physician/patient relationship and the confidentiality of the medical practice's business information.

  • Improve the effectiveness of health care delivery through work with individuals, organizations and government.

  • Advance the profession through continuing education and the exchange of information and ideas. Maintain the highest standards of professionalism, personal integrity and ethics. 

Medical Practice Executives: Core Values

  1. The improvement of patient care and the health status of our communities influences our professional development.

  2. Personal integrity is fundamental to a medical practice executive and guides his or her behavior.

  3. Continuous learning is essential to advancing the art and science of medical practice management.

  4. Individual advancement through a structured and valued credentialing process is fostered and recognized.

  5. The physician and management executive partnership is essential to quality and cost-effective health care delivery.

  6. Collegial relationships contribute to personal growth and professional development.

  7. Contribution to the profession is an essential and distinguishing characteristic of Fellowship.  

MT MGMA ACMPE Study Materials Lending Library

MT MGMA is committed to the professional development of its members through education and the attainment of ACMPE Certification and Fellowship.  Resources and tools are available on a lending basis to assist members in their preparation for the objective and essay exams, passing which is required as partial fulfillment in attaining ACMPE Certification. 

Currently available in the Lending Library are: 

  • Operations Management, Volume 1
  • Financial Management, Volume 2
  • Human Resource Management, Volume 3
  • Organizational Governance and Patient-Centered Care, Volume 4
  • Risk and Compliance Management, Volume 5


Members wishing to request a resource must submit a "Request for Publication Order Form" to the MT MGMA Administrative Staff, at P.O. Box 1504, East Helena, MT 59635, or email the completed form to [email protected].

Lending period shall be for a maximum period of 45 days.